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Books on CD-ROM

Educating for Human Greatness. Stoddard.
Complete book on CD-ROM $14.95

What Are Schools For? Holistic Education in American Culture. Miller, R. Entire Book on CD-ROM in pdf and e-book formats $14.95

What Every Great Teacher Knows: Practical Principles for Effective Teaching. Gibboney and Webb. Entire Book on CD-ROM $14.95

Caring for New Life: Essays on Holistic Education. Miller.
Complete book on CD-ROM $14.95

Education for Awakening: An Eastern Approach to Holistic Education. Nakagawa.
Complete book on CD-ROM $14.95

Holistic Education: Principles, Perspectives, and Practices. Flake, ed. Electronic Book on CD-ROM. $14.95

Nurturing Our Wholeness: Perspectives on Spirituality in Education. J. Miller and Nakagawa, eds. Electronic Book on CD-ROM. $14.95

The Renewal of Meaning in Education: Responses to the Cultural and Ecological Crisis of Our Times. Miller, R., ed. Entire Book on CD-ROM. $14.95

Holistic Education: An Analysis of Its Ideas and Nature
Scott H. Forbes. Entire 414-page book on CD-ROM. $14.95

Partnership Way: New Tools for Living and Learning. Eisler and Loye. Entire Book on CD-ROM. $14.95

Paths of Learning: The Complete Collection on CD-ROM $14.95

Printed Titles Available

The Self-Organizing Revolution. Ron Miller. $12.00

Ten Common Myths in American Education. Mordechai Gordon. $19.95

Classroom Management: The Dance of the Dolphin. Kennedy. $18.95

Designing and Implementing an Integrated Curriculum. Clark. $21.95

Educational Freedom for a Democratic Society: A Critique of National Educational Goals, Standards, and Curriculum. Miller, R., ed. $12.00

A Free Range Childhood: Summerhill and the Principle of Self-Regulation. Appleton. $18.95

Holistic Education: Pedagogy of Universal Love. Ramon Gallegos Nava. $16.95

Lessons from the Hawk. Kennedy. $18.95

Losing Lou-Ann. Erb. $14.95

New Directions in Education: Selections from Holistic Education Review. Miller, R., ed. $12.95

Partnership Education in Action: A Companion to Tomorrow's Children. Bucciarelli and Pirtle, eds. $5.00

The Primal, the Modern, and the Vital Center: A Theory of Balanced Culture in a Living Space. Oliver, Canniff, & Korhonen. $5.00

Schools Where Children Matter: Exploring Educational Alternatives. Rocha. $14.00

"Under the Tough Old Stars": Ecopedagogical Essays. Jardine. $12.00

Unfolding Bodymind: Exploring Possibility Through Education
Hocking, Haskell, and Linds, eds. $23.00


ENCOUNTER: Education for Meaning and Social Justice. Subscription consists of four quarterly mini-issues with descriptions of each of the articles on the bound-in CD-ROM in pdf, webpage, and ebook formats plus weekly notifications of article preprints and links to full-text digital copies.
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